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I won an eBay auction for a 1972 Dodge Van from a local car dealership.The auction price was $610, When the dealership calculated the required TT&L it came to $340!

Over half of the sales price when I demanded an itemized bill for the charges he provided this: This is in the description.......... Sales Tax---- $38.13 plus $125 Title work, $73 Ebay Fee, $1.55 Inv. Tax. Registration and Transfer $102.30....

Total 949.98.... " and proceed to send me numerous threatening emails. I refused to pay these fees and he threatened more..

then cancelled the auction reporting me to eBay.I lost the van and had my record tarnished.


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Merritt Island, Florida, United States #620452

You refused to pay rightful fees .They then protected themselves in the correct manner.

Your complaint is invalid.You did not pay and now have to live with what you did.

to alq #620617

You sound like just another ebay crook, that makes up for a low final bid by overcharging for shipping, fees, etc.

If the ebay jerks want to make a fortune off their junk then do not use a non-reserve auction. Otherwise take it like a man. All auctions are a risk

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