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I won an eBay auction for a 1972 Dodge Van from a local car dealership. The auction price was $610, When the dealership calculated the required TT&L it came to $340!

Over half of the sales price when I demanded an itemized bill for the charges he provided this: This is in the description.......... Sales Tax---- $38.13 plus $125 Title work, $73 Ebay Fee, $1.55 Inv. Tax. Registration and Transfer $102.30....

Total 949.98.... " and proceed to send me numerous threatening emails. I refused to pay these fees and he threatened more..

then cancelled the auction reporting me to eBay. I lost the van and had my record tarnished.

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Merritt Island, Florida, United States #620452

You refused to pay rightful fees . They then protected themselves in the correct manner.

Your complaint is invalid. You did not pay and now have to live with what you did.

to alq #620617

You sound like just another ebay crook, that makes up for a low final bid by overcharging for shipping, fees, etc.

If the ebay jerks want to make a fortune off their junk then do not use a non-reserve auction. Otherwise take it like a man. All auctions are a risk

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